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Garden set Toscana collection
Our Toscana collection is designed to be a special ally in your garden.
Its elegant lines and beige cushions with brown trim give that style you wanted in your garden. The cushions have Velcro to prevent them from slipping and falling off, and are washable and easily removable.

Tuscany lounger
Imagine a dreamy afternoon, then lunch with family and friends, and now you want to sunbathe lying down or have a relaxed chat, the Toscana lounger allows you to adapt it with its 5 positions. And when it comes to finding the best place, don’t worry because it is built in aluminum so it will be very light. Enjoy it!

Aluminum and tempered glass garden table
This collection is very important to us, so much so that the table has tempered glass for all those who like the combination of aluminum and glass.
Those who have eaten at a tempered glass table will never forget it, as it allows us to have a different perspective of the whole space. Not only because we can through it but because it will give us more feeling of spaciousness in our meals.


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