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Sets of tables and chairs for terraces

Terraces are made to be enjoyed and one way is by having a space where you can have breakfast, eat or meet outdoors. A set of tables and chairs for the terrace provides you with a space for socialization and tranquility.

Visit our catalog and you will surely fall in love with one or more sets of terrace tables and chairs, they come in various styles and made of different materials: wooden terrace sets, table and chairs for balcony in aluminum , folding sets…

Wooden terrace table and chairs

The wooden terrace tables and chairs are ideal in terms of comfort and aesthetics. If you want your terrace to have a warm and friendly atmosphere, wood is ideal.

We manufacture terrace tables and chairs in FSC certified wood from sustainable exploitation. In our catalog you can find table and chairs terrace in eucalyptus wood, in acacia wood, in pine wood… and with different finishes (matt, glossy, with rope…) that will make your terrace radiate its own light and become one of the most desirable rooms in your home.

Folding terrace chairs and table

Whoever has a terrace or a balcony has a treasure! It is an open air space that allows us to relax and escape from the stress of daily life. The space available on a terrace or balcony may be limited enough to have a terrace table and chairs permanently installed, in this case, do not deprive yourself of enjoying your outdoor space, you can resort to a set of terrace chairs and table folding.

The sets of folding chairs and tables for the terrace offer you comfort, functionality and practicality. They can be assembled and/or collected in a matter of seconds, they are beautiful, resistant and… you can take them wherever you want, even on vacation.

In Kerama you can find set of Folding terrace chairs and table built with quality materials (steel and synthetic rattan, steel and textilene) and designed so that you can enjoy them for a long time and can store them in a small space.

Garden table and chairs set

Garden table and chair sets are an opportunity to create a space for conviviality, tranquility and rest in the garden. Enjoying breakfasts and meals in the garden in the company of friends and/or family is a small luxury that will make life more pleasant.

How are terrace table and chair sets different from garden sets? Basically in the size of the set, in the garden table and chair sets we find sets with 6 or 8 chairs and tables with an extendable top, while the terrace table and chair sets usually have 2-4 chairs.

Aluminium garden table and chairs set

In Kerama you can find a large number of sets of aluminum garden chairs and tables, with different finishes, both in color and in covering or padding materials.

The aluminum garden sets can be of various sizes (4, 6 or 8 chairs) and with a table with a fixed top or an extendable top. High-quality aluminum and textilene give them a modern, elegant and durable finish over time; At the same time, they are very resistant, light and easy-to-maintain garden sets.

Rattan garden tables and chairs

If what you want is a garden that inspires warmth, tranquility and some exoticism, the option to choose is rattan garden tables and chairs.

In Kerama we love gardens with a tropical touch and the rattan table and chair sets combine perfectly in that environment, they are ideal for having a vermouth or chatting at sunset.

At Kerama we are sure that a key aspect in our outdoor furniture should be durability. For this reason, our Rattan garden table and chair sets are made with a metal structure in steel or aluminum (depending on the model) and covered in hand-woven synthetic rattan.

Set of wooden garden tables and chairs

The wooden table and chair sets combine perfectly with any garden where trees and plants are a leading part. The warmth of the materials and the comfort of the finishes will mean that once you settle in your outdoor living-dining room, you will not want to go back inside the house.

Visit our catalogue, we assure you that you will like the wooden garden table and chair sets. We manufacture with wood from sustainable exploitation and with FSC certificate.

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